Flower Headband and a bonus

In the Studio today

Flower headband and flower hair pin

Well, actually not today, but the day before yesterday…I was just too busy to put this blog post up ūüôā

Anyway this was a rush order, so “the day before yesterday” saw me working late – after all my scheduled work is done , cutting, pressing, beading, sewing and gluing… The pure silk organza fabric has been specially treated since the day before.

I originally made this flower on a clip, to go with my Lucia short veils (below)

flower headbandImage credit :Mick Cookson Photography

But this time, a client came to me and said she would like the huge flower only (with all of the sparkles) attached to a headband. We emailed each other back and forth and finally agreed on the colour of the flower and the type of the headband Рa covered skinny headband. My client initially wanted this flower headband to be wrapped with the same pink organza silk but as her hair is light blond, I suggested that the skinny headband should be wrapped in a similar colour so it will blend in with the hair.

           *Tips: If you are to order a similar flower headband, send in a cropped picture of your hair and ask for a similar colour wrapped headband.

Here is the flower with the hand wired Swarovski crystal stamens. I love these layers and layers of soft pink, curly petals Рthey remind me of a blooming peony.

flower headband

Then I went on doing the crystal and pearl sprigs, adding them to the flower. The skinny headband was then wrapped and added to the flower and a lovely pink lace backing made the final touch. Here is my completed flower headband, ready to go to my client.

flower headband

flower headband

Bonus of the day

I called this ‘bonus of the day’ because the¬†hair pin design below just came out of the blue ūüôā The shape of it emerged to me while I was wiring the sprigs for the above flower headband. So I made some extra sprigs with a few changes and pulled them together for a flower hair pin. The flower was made with¬†Swarovski clear AB baroque pendants and Swarovski pearls. The sprigs were made¬†using Swarovski rhinestones in gold settings, Swarovski pearls and fresh water pearls, all on gold plated wire. I was pretty happy with it – ¬†so happy it will be in the shop soon. Love the tiny delicate little pearl, the shimmering AB baroque pendant flower and all the sparkles.


flower headband
As said above this hair pin will find its way to my shop very soon, so will the flower headband version of my pink bloom. Meanwhile the LUCIA short veil with or without flower is always available to order here .

Have a lovely weekend everyone and till next time



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