Behind The Scenes – Willington Hall Shoot Part Three

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I cannot believe almost a year has passed. Two days from today it will be one year since this fabulous shoot we did at Willington Hall Hotel. For me it’s been a hectic year with ups and downs but still fabulous in some ways.

I still remember I owe you, my blog readers, this Part Three “Behind the Scenes” from the shoot, which I promised you in Part One and Part Two. Now, close to the shoot’s “one year Anniversary” I think it’s the right time to post it 😉 !

I always feel it’s so unfair, we get to see all the beautiful pictures but hardly see the man behind the camera. So I hope with the video I am going to post below, we will all see Mick (Mick Cookson Photography) in his full glory (ehm… i.e working hard while having a nasty flu and still smiling and joking! 🙂 )

We will also catch a glimpse of my lovely friend-models, gracefully moving around, and the beautiful Willington Hall Hotel and its impressive surroundings.

I am so gutted we couldn’t catch lovely Sophie (Make-up by Sophie) on the video as she had to leave early for another session that day but in case you didn’t know or remember, Sophie did all the stunning hairstyles and makeups for this shoot. Anyway we could see Pauline here who had helped tremendously with both her muscles and sense of humour!

Everytime i watch this video, all the lovely memories just come back again and again and I would like to say thank you, with all my heart, to all the people who were involved in this shoot, that including my incredibly patient husband who took all the footages and my nephew Nam Ngo for the video montage.

Sending lots of love and hugs to you all!

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